Thea Ennen - Folk Artist
Thea Ennen - Folk Artist


Media Reviews

"...A heady brew that takes aim straight at the human soul..." - Atlantic City (NJ) Press

"Recommended folk music" - Rolling Stone

"...the most honestly penetrating recordings of the year" - St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Four Stars" - Jim Walsh

"...the most beautiful albums we've heard in quite a while..." - College Music Journal

"...some of the most inventive folk-rock around." -Minneapolis Star Tribune

"...multi-textured, melodically rich and lyrically adept." - Album Networks

"...songs with a rough-hewn, fragile elegance." - Option Magazine

"...A poetic optimism in her lyrics... contrasts sharply with her haunting melodies; together they strip away frivolities and uncover what's essential to life..." - Brenda Bredahl, Wisconsin West

Record Companies

Acoustic Gems Playlist - "Hey, we just shared your song on our playlist! Feel free to spread the news!" - Big Sun Records

New Music Mix Tape Playlist - "Gracias por enviarnos nuevamente tu track. "Still Life" es una hermosa canción, interpretada por una voz muy dulce y expresiva. La instrumentación, tiene un sonido muy orgánico, creando una atmósfera musical realmente acogedora y atrapante. Si bien pensamos que en la actualidad no calza correctamente con el estado de ánimo de nuestra playlist principal, nos gustaría compartirla como shout-out en nuestra playlist en crecimiento "NEW MUSIC MIXTAPE" ya que es un excelente trabajo y por lo mismo, te deseamos mucho éxito con tu lanzamiento." - Saludos - Sofía

Caoba Records (translation to English) - "Thank you for sending us your track again. "Still Life" is a beautiful song, performed by a very sweet and expressive voice. The instrumentation has a very organic sound, creating a really cozy and engaging musical atmosphere. While we think that at present it does not fit the mood of our main playlist correctly, we would like to share it as a shout-out in our growing playlist "NEW MUSIC MIXTAPE" as it is an excellent job and therefore, we wish you very successful with your release." - Greetings - Sofía

Acoustic Favorites Playlist - "... great vibe, vocals, and production! Thanks for sharing your song with me and I wish you the very best" - Dave Powers - Spotify Curator

Indie and Alternative Playlist - "Very nice and easy on the ear song! I really wish you all the best with your release!" - Amoji Music

Healing Songs and Calming Acoustic Playlists - "Nice Song … nice mood" - Kevin Rowe - Spotify Curator

I haven’t been sleeping much lately playlist - "Love the slow style, and the addition of the wind instruments is a stroke of genius!" - Shona Oliver – Spotify Curator

American Folk 2021 - "Hola!! Me ha gustado mucho!! Voy a darte difusión en una lista nueva de música Folk procedente de América que me parece que hay muchos grupos de estilo similar al tuyo en esta lista, espero que te ayude, agradezco mucho el envío de tu canción. Te enviaré el Link cuando comparta tu canción en mi lista. Eres libre de compartir la lista! Espero que tengas suerte! Seguimos en contacto!! Un saludo desde España, Madrid."

(translation to English): "Hello!! I liked it a lot!! I am going to broadcast you on a new list of Folk music from America that I think there are many groups with a style similar to yours on this list, I hope it helps you, I really appreciate the sending of your song. I will send you the Link when I share your song on my list. You are free to share the list! I wish you luck! Keep in touch!! Greetings from Spain, Madrid." - Alex Monti, curator – Alexmonti90

This Old Ghost Town - "I am loving the records and have had a fair bit of time to listen.  I love the sounds, the contemporary folk approach with a bit of a rootsy kick, superb!" – Tom, Aldora Britain Records

Maestro FM, Republic of Moldova - "Good news! I would like to share Thea Ennen - Still Life as part of a radio show and on rotation from our database" - Fresh Sly – Music Director

YouTube Comments

"You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard ... it transmits a lot of calm to me. Thank you for sharing your talent." - Nelida López Techera

Eagle One • Beautiful!!!

Ahmed Killany • Peaceful

André Rivard • !!

Morissa Gayatri • Love this too

Ahmed Killany • From Egypt , i love ur vibe , voice , videos and you

Kathleen Dodge • Lovely Thea!

Nguyễn Thuận • Beautiful

Cristina de la Fuente • I love It

Renato Rodriguez Rojas • Queen - Sabe Me.

opai 1 • love it

walter huacal • Sublime

Hamza Hassab • Beautifull voice

Aaron Barnell • just lovely

Ruben Cofini • hermosa música...

Mitch Carmody • love it it, as lovely as Enya for a new age

Christian Cabrera • Buenisimo!!!

n3rahil • Lovely.....very calming voice! Beautiful song.

Barbara Ombui • Beautiful!!

Morissa Gayatri • Love this too

agnessiee • This is so underrated oh my gooodd

Nelida López Techera • Tienes la voz más hermosa q he transmite mucha calma. Gracias x compartir tu talento.

Nelida López Techera • Hermoso como todos tus trabajos!!!

Nelida López Techera • Tu música es un Oasis en el desierto...

frank spink • Fantastic Song - found it by accident

Silvina Garcia • from Argentina!!! i loved your song Thea!!!! your fabulous singer!! BRAVO!!! i´M your fan. sorry for my limited english but is my intencion is greet you!!!

Hassan Meqour • Great Artista bella bellissima

Christian Cabrera • Excelente!!!

Elizabeth Myslicki • My heart is in my throat

jp ch • I got this as an ad on another video and I came running! Well done! incredible music, nice voice.So much emotion.

ilef jnifen • I love this so much!

hiroshi takamura • beautifull

Thuraya H. • Love it

Lizzie Peterson • Love it. So pretty.

ggundener • this was the first youtube advertisement I did not skip. thank you for creating such a beautiful music. I enjoyed every second of it.

jamie LR • This is a masterpiece. So nostalgic, sweet and even a piece of calm after the storm

mynameisisaque • So amazing and beautiful, i listened to it in a bar here in Brazil

Adirondack Friends Meeting • I remember this song from the precious. This is one of my very favorites! The video tells the story so touchingly and respectfully of the life of the raccoon. I love the very deep empathy of this song. Blessed are the merciful. - Sue West MacKenzie

Hopeless Romantic • it sounds like a fairy tale


Mark & Amy Adams-Westin • Beautiful!

Nelida López Techera • Te cuento q te encontré en una promo de YouTube y me sentí volar. Es mágico !!!

Nelida López Techera • Sublime, recién lo encontré!!!. Gracias

Isabella Ennen • i have goosebumps and i’m crying. i love you so much

Aaron Barnell • love love love this Thea Ennen!


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