Thea Ennen - Folk Artist
Thea Ennen - Folk Artist

Who is Thea Ennen?

Who is Thea Ennen

About Thea

I sing and write to make sense of my existence - my place in this world, in this body. Each song is a specific journey down a road that is either familiar or less traveled... they are my magic carpets to see again a memory or expectation. I use songs - melodies and words - to guide me, like a rudder through the waters of life. Sometimes I like to take a forgotten channel to the mouth of a secret lake.

I think I sing in public to reassure this kind of journey- to never lose touch with what is instinctual. -Thea Ennen

The Skinny:

Long a favorite is the club/coffee house circuit of the Midwest, piano-playing/singing/songwriting, Thea Ennen is an artist in every sense of the word. Her self-produced, self-penned "All Aboard" won her the Minnesota Folk Recording of the Year.

Sounds Like:

One might superficially classify Thea's music as countryfolk, but that would be selling her far to short. She is simply a wonderful songstress, with a penchant for creating music that is multi-textured, melodically rich and lyrically adept. -"Album Network"


Thea Ennen
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